Mel is Number One… or Two

I had hoped that all my old readers from SingleSpeed would follow me over here, but turns out that might take some time…

According to Google Reader:

Number of SingleSpeed subscribers: 131
Number of ReubensCube subscribers: 31

So… yea… I guess I lost some readers when I made the switch.  That’s ok, though, because I know my most loyal followers made the switch.  Now we can get the party started without all those suckas hanging around!

And I checked out a couple of your sidebars, and I want to say THANK YOU for updating your links to my blog so quickly.

Mel was excited when I announced the switch over on SingleSpeed.  She decided she wanted to be the first person to leave a comment here at ReubensCube.  So she grabbed the laptop and quickly left a comment, then posed triumphantly while I captured the moment:

Melanie is #1

We returned to the laptop to celebrate only to discover that Joey had snuck in and left the first comment before we noticed:

Melanie is #2 (frownsmile)

Not that I’m trying to get down on Joey or anything. I’ve never met him, but just from reading his blog I can tell that he is a real class act. And a fast commenter.

Also, now that i’m on WordPress, I’ve gotta figure out how I’m gonna host my photos. Tonight I tried Picasa… and it is being a real pain in the ass, I’ll tell you what… In terms of easy photo hosting external to the blog:

Blogger: 1
Wordpress: 0

But I’m sure all you experienced wordpress users out there will give me some hints on how to make photo hosting easier. Right? Right? RIGHT???