sluto no tresspassing

NO TRESPASSING I love you so. - Sluto 2008

I photographed this location first in 2008, and then several times since. Here’s what it looks like today. I love the juxtaposition of the love message with NO TRESPASSING.

For the record, everybody still trespasses.

I Love You So: One Year Later

I love you so. - Sluto 2008

One year later, I still love seeing this message every time I cross these tracks on my bicycle.

Scenes from the Neighborhood: I love you so

I love you so. - Sluto 2008

Twice a day, I pick my bike up and walk it over these railroad tracks.  Several months ago, this message appeared on one of the rails.  It is written at a place along the rails where there is a clear pathway across the tracks where many cyclists walk over the tracks just like I do.  It is such a unique location for a love message.  I like to imagine the man or woman for whom it was written crossing these tracks every day, bicycle in tow.  I imagine how he or she must feel every time they see this message, and it makes me smile.