First Aid is Important

Overheard at 11-year-old Scout Patrol Meeting:

Assistant Scoutmaster: What would you do if someone has an eye injury? Like, say, someone has a piece of sand in their eye? What would you do?

Scout #1: It depends on who it is.

Assistant Scoutmaster: Let’s say Scout #2 has something in his eye. What would you do?

Scout #2: (screaming) AAAAHHHHH! MY EYE! (places hand over eye) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (falls off chair like he’s dying from a piece of sand in his eye)

Scout #3: (laughs hysterically)

Scout #1: If it’s Scout #2, I’d let him DIE. (laughing)


Assistant Scoutmaster: Mmmm…ok. Sit up. For real, though… what if it’s someone you like? What would you do then?

Scout #2: (back in his chair, no longer screaming) Yea. What if it was GOD? What if GOD had something in his eye?

Scout #1: (looks like he’s thinking really hard)



Scout #1: (leans to the side and farts) Oh. That was a good one!

Scouts 1-3: (laughs hysterically)

Assistant Scoutmaster: Ok, let’s go run around in the gym for a while.

Scout #2: (running out of the room) Yay! I’m going to try and climb the stairs without using one of my legs!

Scout #1: (running out of the room) Ok! I’m going to try and do it without using BOTH of my legs!

When Scouts are Fun

Two experiences tonight illustrate why I enjoy working with 11 year-old scouts:

We were outside doing physical fitness tests (pushups & situps and stuff) when one scout notices a large ant.
11 year-old #1: Whoa! Cool! A Carpenter Ant! A Carpenter Ant!
Everyone proceeded to crowd around the largest ant I’ve ever seen.
Reuben: That’s the biggest ant I’ve ever seen….
11 year-old #2: Whoa! It’s Huge!
Then, 11 year-old #3 (with Down Syndrome) stomps on the ant, laughs histerically, and runs away.

While I was playing 4-square with 3 11 year-olds, one of the boys older brother (~15 years old) wanders over and gets in line to play with us. I notice that he’s got about 15 pencils in the pocket of his jeans.
Reuben: Whoa, buddy. That’s a lot of pencils.
15 year-old: Yes. (deviously) They are my weaponry.
Then he laughs histerically and runs away without playing a single round of 4-square.