Product Review: Presto Powercrisp

I finally got around to using the [item] provided to me free of charge by [website].  Here’s the skinny:

The out-of-box experience was simple.  It’s just a plastic tray, with four slotted, flat pieces of plastic that you snap together to make two little tents to stretch the bacon over.  Nothing hard about that!  Here I am carefully reading the instructions:

I was pretty excited to get started, until I realized that our bacon was quite possibly the worst bacon ever.  It was Shoppers Value brand and it was total garbage.  You know how buying bacon is always kind of a bait-and-switch?  When you look through the window on the package, it looks all meaty and tasty.  But then you open it and realize that there’s actually hardly any meat on your bacon?  And you feel angry and cheated?  Well that’s what Shoppers Value did to me.  Behold:


But I wanted to eat it anyway, so onto the Presto Powercrisp Microwave Bacon Cooker it went:

I was most concerned about splattering inside the microwave, so I covered it with a paper towel.  50 seconds per strip, and it was ready!

I was pretty darned impressed at how well the bacon crisped up, even for such bad bacon.  My wife and I discussed whether or not using the Powercrisp to nuke the fat somehow molecularly transformed it into a non-fat.  We decided it probably didn’t.

Ok, overall, I had a good bacon experience.  It was way easier than frying and much less messy.  It is clearly a better option than frying bacon.  But can it beat pre-cooked frozen bacon in terms of easiness?????  well… that’s a close call….

Forthcoming Product Review: Presto Power Crisp

Alright, I mentioned a few posts ago that I have found a willing sponsor for either the first-ever SingleSpeed giveaway or the first-ever sponsored product review. I’m open to the idea of a give-away, but I really wanted to find a way to make sure that somebody ended up with something they actually wanted. Well I’ve been chatting with Ashley from the PromoTeam (who I first accused of being a techno-bot spammer when she first contacted me, but she later convinced me that she was a real human). I lobbied her to let me do a $50 gift-card giveaway, but she insisted that $35 was the maximum budget limit and that gift-cards or promo-codes were not an option. Oh well. See how I’m always looking out for you, trying to stuff more cash in your pockets?

Also, you guys weren’t very excited about a giveaway – out of 7 comments on that post, three were entirely opposed to the idea of a giveaway – anonymous is even concerned that a SingleSpeed Give-away will steal business from local bike shops, which I admit, is a threat I had not previously considered. Scott even claimed he would quit reading the blog altogether, but we know he’s all talk and that I could come right out and say that SCOTT IS A NO-TALENT CLOWN and he’d keep reading – because he’s cool like that. But it’s clear that my readers are luke-warm at best about a give-away, so I’m gonna do a sponsored product review instead.
I’d never heard of Ashley’s store before, [website] (which I have learned is a parent company for some 200+ online retail outlets), but I was excited to see what they had to offer. I first checked out their selection of bicycling gear at [website] and was tempted by their [item]. I also discovered that they have an extraordinarily large offering of [items], a couple of which would look quite nice in our bicycle-themed kitchen. I invited my wife to help me select the perfect item four the first-ever SingleSpeed Sponsored Product Review, and together we made a decision:

Without further delay, I will have Ashley from the PromoTeam send me a [item] (courtesy of [website]) – a $15.99 value – because I love me some bacon! My first impression is that it appears to be a slotted piece of plastic with a drip tray – true technological genius. Stay tuned for the first-ever SingleSpeed Sponsored Product Review. Also, if it sucks, we may still be having the first ever SingleSpeed give-away!