Mormon Allies in Twin Cities Pride Parade

I participated in the Twin Cities Pride parade today, walking with a group of Mormons. Our group was called “Mormon Allies”, and we had somewhere between 25 and 30 people in our group. My friend John posted a recap of the day.

Parades are not exactly an environment where I thrive socially, if you know what I mean. As an introvert – an awkwardly shy introvert – I’m about as exciting in a parade as an episode of Law & Order. Crowds gathering along a street edge to watch me walk by is a bit like popping some popcorn and getting out a lawn chair to sit on the sidewalk and watch a worm slither by. I’m a bit of a disappointment. My primary function in the parade was just to be a warm body, and I’m mostly ok with it since that’s what my wife has been telling me for a couple years now.

For most parade-watchers, I’m sure our smallish group was mostly overlooked. We didn’t have a fancy car, loud music, candy, or bags or schwag to toss out to the crowd. We were even overshadowed by the group of nuns in the group immediately in front of us if only because they were like 80 or something and they had a handmade rainbow flag that was awesome. But I hope that at least a few people were happily surprised to see a group of Mormons in the parade. And I hope at least a few people were forced to question what they know about Mormons and what Mormonism is all about.

I want to post more about the parade, why I chose to participate, and what I hoped to accomplish by doing so, but for the time being, here are a few photos:

Mormon Allies. Where love is, there God is also.
I love my gay Daughter & her girlfriend And I’m a Mormon.
Mormon Allies.
I heart my Mormon Husband.
Charity never Faileth (photo by @wr3n).
Pretty good group.