Previous Owners Treasures

It’s kind of fun to find things around the house that were left by the previous owners. So far, we’ve found a couple things worth mentioning.

This basket was left in one of the bedroom closets way up high on the back of a shelf where you couldn’t see it from the floor. It looks like the previous owners liked to travel, and since she also liked to smoke like a chimney, collecting match books made sense!

What's in the basket?

Buncha' Matches.

Also, when we pulled one of the forced air furnace return vents off the wall, we found it so clogged with garbage that there’s no way air was getting through it. Mostly it was clogged with papers, including a couple of $10 bills!

Gonna buy some new shoes!

After I found the first two bills, I secretly started hoping that the previous owner had stuffed millions of dollars into the vent system and that I was about to discover the motherload. But nope. Just the $20. I’ll take it.

MLS Photos

We were pretty skeptical that we were going to be happy when we made an appointment with our realtor to see what would eventually be our dream home. We had seen the MLS listing photos, and they were pretty unimpressive. It was obvious that not much effort had gone into the photos, and that the home hadn’t been staged at all to prepare it for sale.

But we loved the location, so we decided to see it anyway. Here are the MLS photos posted by the previous owners:


Back Yard

Living Room

Dining Room

Dining Room


Main Floor Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom (Go Dora!)

Attic Bedroom

These are some pretty terrible photos, right? We learned a little bit about the sellers. The property was owned by an elderly woman for many years – she had died, and the house was now owned and occupied by some of her relatives.

It was pretty clear that very little had been done to the home for many years. There weren’t many signs of cosmetic updates – the kitchen had undergone an extensive renovation sometime in the 70’s, and there was plenty of faux wood paneling that looked like it came from the 70’s or 80’s. It was also pretty clear that not much had been done to keep up the mechanicals either. The furnace, air conditioner, and plumbing all looked like it hadn’t been touched in years. Nearly every faucet and drain in the house leaked.

And the smell of cigarettes was pretty strong.

We fell in love with it, while still being a little bit intimidated by the amount of work that needed to be done to it. But still, we loved the location, and decided it was the right place for us.

On October 27, 2011, we bought our dream home!