A Few Questions

Huzzah! A few new questions in the inbox:

I’ve heard you reference playing a couple musical instruments here before. How many do you actually play? How many do you own? Are you in a band?

Buddy, I’m making music with my keyboard. That general sense of well-being you’re experiencing right now? That’s the chimerical miracle of my satirical lyrical genius (a.k.a ReubensCube). DEAL WITH IT.

Actually, my best instrument right now is the spoons. Seriously. I’m totally into spoons.

Other than that, It would be more accurate to say that I used to play musical instruments. I still own both a violin and some drums, but my skill level at both is disappointing, and don’t find too many opportunities to play anymore. Playing drums while the kid is sleeping doesn’t work out very well.

I’ve been in a few bands. Well, two really. One in high school called The Jarbers, which is one of my favorite memories ever from my teenage years. I also played drums in a group called Never*Mind (also here) for a bit back in 2004-2005. I got kicked out of Never*Mind because I thought our manager was both unnecessary and kind of a douche. No big deal, but I was disappointed since I really liked where that group was heading musically (though they seemed to have changed directions a bit since I left the group).

your kid is really cute. just how sure are you that you’re really the father?

Thanks, but I don’t really like your attitude. She is obviously mine, and that is very clear based only on the incredible amount of cheese she eats.

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

I can’t give any specifics here, but I can tell you this: it involves a blindfold, a half-dozen zip ties, some plastic wrap, and a hacksaw.

Any more questions?
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Top 10 Albums List

What you say:  Hey, let’s talk about music!  Let’s swap lists of the top 10 albums of 2010. Want to?  You go first!

What I hear:  I’ll tolerate listening to you talk about music for a few minutes if you then agree to let me list the 10 most obscure albums I can think of.  Then you’ll be impressed with how into the scene I am.

Am I right?  Or is this just another example of why I don’t have any friends?