Ode to Light Fixtures

Melanie and I are completely in love with our new home, but if there’s one thing we don’t love, it’s the light fixtures. I’ve seen a lot of pretty hideous light fixtures, but somehow, the previous owners managed to collect some of the worst.

Take a look at some of these light fixtures, and see if you can pick out your favorite (meaning, favorite because it’s so terrible):

Blue and green circles everywhere!

This fixture was hanging way too low and I kept bumping my head, so I used a padlock to make a higher. A padlock was the first thing I could find.

More white globes!

Ditto the padlock on this one.

I broke at least 3 bulbs trying to put a new bulb in this one.

Yep, it's wicker.

Not too bad?

We might hang onto these for a while...

OK, readers. So which one is best/worst?