Painting the Kitchen

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the painting in the kitchen. It mostly went from white to white, but once again, we felt like the smoke and smell needed to be taken care of. We painted below the chair-rail molding with the same gray-blue color we used in the dining and living rooms, and the top half and the ceiling in bright white. Even if you aren’t dramatically changing colors, don’t you think a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to make the room feel like it got a nice upgrade?

Not much to see here

The brick wall was left alone for now, although I confess I was briefly tempted to paint it white too.

Brick wall in the kitchen - love it or hate it?

We seem to get mixed reactions from people when they see it- some love it and some think it needs to go- what do you think? Have you seen any type of trearment for bricks that would let us update the look?