Ice Skating with a Baby

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Ever wondered how to be totally badass and still enjoy the winter after having a baby? Here are some options:

One option is to just lay the kid down in a generic orange sled and pull her behind you while you ice skate around a lake.

Ice Skating with a Baby

It works pretty well, although the kid’s not strapped in or anything, so be careful going around curves or she’ll roll out. This worked pretty well. ┬áMy kid fell asleep instantly.

“Uh, honey.. She’s not moving anymore. Will you make sure she’s sleeping and not frozen?”

Just lay the kid down on the sled or something.

If there are multiple babies involved, you may have better luck leaving the skates at home and just walking on ice. See if you can scare up one of these deals with wheels:

Walking on Ice with Baby Chariot

Trust me, this will put them to sleep, too. Plus, the little flap probably helps keep them out of the wind. And they’re buckled in, so feel free to leave the ice for a little bumpier terrain. Be careful with this, though, because the chariot is a little bit heavier. If it falls through the ice with babies inside, it will probably pull you in with it.

Totally buckled in safely, and falling asleep.

Ok. That’s everything you need to know. Have a great winter!