Quick Graffiti Removal

Powderhorn has it’s share of problems, and graffiti is one of them. I won’t stand for it in my alley, though, so when I see graffiti, I just grab a bucket of paint and get to work.

This appeared on our neighbor’s garage sometime this evening between 6:00 and 9:30 PM:

Graffiti Before

An Opponent Appears!

I won’t have it. By 10:00 PM, I had it looking like this:

Graffiti After

Take THAT graffiti scum!

So I was on it pretty quickly. Quickly enough that the black spray paint was still a little on the wet side while I was rolling white on top of it. It looks like it will need a second coat, which I’ll do tomorrow evening.  With any luck, Mel and I may have been the only people to even see it.

And in case you’re wondering – no, I do not have a problem painting someone else’s garage without their permission – especially rental properties that have already been tagged and re-painted generic white dozens of times before. And even moreso if the property hasn’t been the quickest in removing graffiti on their own in the past.

It did inspire me to design a new graffiti-style logo for ReubensCube.  What do you think?

graffiti ReubensCube

Check out the new ReubensCube logo!