2010 Drumstick Dash 10K

My friend Julie convinced me to run a 10 K this morning. That’s no sweat for her since she’s totally into running these days, but 10K is a little further than I’m used to – specifically, the 50 foot journeys I usually make between the couch and the refrigerator during commercial breaks.  But the good news is that I didn’t vomit the entire time!

But it was like 8 degrees outside! The race route was 2x around Lake Harriet, and it was a completely iced over.  Every step I could feel myself slipping around a little bit.  But it still felt great to be outside breathing the cold air this morning.

Here’s the best part: I bet I burned at least 600 calories, which is approaching one quarter of the calories I intend to eat for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon.  That means I get to eat 25% more stuffing!  Forget turkey, by the way.  I’m totally into stuffing.

Race: 2010 Drumstick Dash 10K
Distance: 10K (6.21 miles)
Time: 49:22
Pace: 7:56/mile

Anyway, it’s not a personal best time or anything (previous 10K times: 42:41, 42:37, and 42:32, but I’m still proud of myself for getting out and doing it.

OK, well let’s just skip to the photos of my mug that I know y’all are craving right now.

This is how I roll:

Face Frost!!!:

My friend Julie and I: