Thanksgiving Weekend

Mel and I spent this past weekend in Ely with her family and our friends b+k.  It was great hanging out on Moose Lake & staying warm by the fire.  This photo is the view out their living room window.  It snowed lightly for a lot of the weekend, but there was really only a couple inches of snow.

Mel’s Mom did a great job putting together a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for us.  THANKS CHARLENE.  It was great to spend the whole weekend sitting around relaxing with friends and family.

Also, we watched 12 episodes of LOST, and now I’m hooked.  I gotta finish watching.

Biking the Fernberg & Bass Lake Trail

This weekend, we drove up north to Ely, MN to spend some time with Mel’s family. We drove up early Friday night in time to watch Mel’s record-breaking little brother Matt play in his high school football game. We were disappointed to find out that Ely Memorial High School does not sell hot dogs at their football games, but we were satisfied with the popcorn. Saturday, Mel and I decided to ride our bikes from her home to downtown Ely for some ice cream and then ride back. Round trip, it would be about 38 miles.

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Here’s a couple of photos taken by myself while riding:

We made it to Ely without any problems, but our return trip was frustrated by a flat tire. Luckily, we were near the small town of Winton, and the kind folks at the Winton Liquor Store let us borrow their phone to get a ride home.

While we were waiting, we went across the street to the city park.

After a while, I was tired of the park, so I gave myself a self-guided bicycle tour of Winton, where I discovered the combination Post Office/Fat Chicken Feed Store.

Then I took a photo of the paint peeling off a light post:

And then I took a photo of some berries that Melanie refused to eat….

Then we just started taking stupid pictures of each other (what else can you do when you’re stranded in Winton???)

Finally, our ride arrived.

Sunday afternoon, we all went hiking to Dry Falls on the Bass Lake trail.

I hope you enjoyed the photo tour of our adventure!!!!

Canoeing the Kawishiwi River

Our adventure this week comes from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, specifically, the Kawishiwi River. Melanie and I, along with our friends b+k canoed over 15 miles of the river. It’s not a traditional river, really – It’s more of just a string of lakes connected by a few sets of rapids. The trip took us pretty much all day, and we were exhausted by the time we finished. Here are a few photos of our day on the river:

Here’s a photo of us after finishing our trip while we waited for our ride to pick us up.

Adventure: Ely 4th of July Parade

Melanie and I went to Ely, MN for the 4th of July. One of our adventures for the weekend was watching the Ely Parade. It’s a typical small town parade with all the typical features you’d expect. Of course, we forgot to photograph ourselves at the parade, so I’ll just show you some of what we saw. There were some 80’s dancers: The clown band:
The Ely HS marching band:

A bunch of peeps on bikes:
Some peeps dancing with lawn chairs:
More dancing teens:
And a Halloween float:
I don’t know why there was a Halloween float, but no big deal. It was still neat. After the parade there was a big party in the park with games, a live band, food, etc. The coolest part was the “sumo wrestling.” It was hilarious to watch a bunch of little kids run into each other wrapped in big tubes.

Next up: Canoeing

Ely moving to Canada?

by Melanie


Word is Canada has made an offer to buy my little hometown of Ely, MN! This article was posted on the Ely Chamber of Commerce website this morning: There was also one in the Mesabi Daily News paper ( but you have to register to read it.
My parents said there are signs like this all over Ely to protest the sale!