Your North Woods Hiking Guide

Here’s another installment of Your North Woods Hiking Guide, your guide to exploring the MN North Woods on foot.

Up first, the ever-popular Dry Falls, located along the scenic Bass Lake hiking trail. This trail has been featured in Your North Woods Hiking Guide before. Several Times. But it’s always a treat. And I always find excuses to not bring my swim suit. This year, I blamed it on my muffin top. Sigh.

Dry Falls Jumpers
Dry Falls Jumpers
Dry Falls
Dry Falls

The newest entry in Your North Woods Hiking Guide is the Kawishiwi Falls Hiking Trail, which is a gem because the whole thing is only about a half mile long and it’s nearly flat, but the falls are awesome. If you’re looking for an easy hike with a nice view, this is your best bet!

Kawishiwi Falls Hiking Trail
Kawishiwi Falls Hiking Trail
Kawishiwi Falls Jumpers
Kawishiwi Falls Jumpers
Kawishiwi Falls
Kawishiwi Falls

4th of July Ely Parade 2010

So it’s about time I got around to telling y’all about my 4th of July weekend, right? As always, Mel and I headed up North to Ely to see the in-laws.  Here’s one of the fantastic sunsets we saw while we were there:

On Saturday, we decided to go for a little hike on the Bass Lake Trail.  Mel told us it was about 1/4th mile, which sounded just about right seeing as how Mel’s foot is broken and she has to wear this funny plastic boot all the time. (did I tell y’all that Mel broke her foot?  Well she DID).  Turns out, though Dry Falls was a little further than 1/4 mile.  It was probably closer to 3/4 miles, which is a long way to go without bending your ankle (or so my wife tells me…).

But the view was worth it:

Dry falls is awesome, and there were peeps all over the place:

(Dry Falls Trivia: 1. Dry Falls isn’t actually dry.  Both times I’ve been there there’s been water flowing.  2. The banner photo at the top of the SingleSpeed blog was taken at Dry Falls a few years ago).

On Sunday, we went to the Ely 4th of July Parade, which is always a total treat!!!!  Here’s some of my favorite shots:

Ely High School marching band:

WHOA!!!  It’s Miss Babbitt Leah Bissonette!!!!

Ely dancers are a mainstay of the parade:

The ZUP’s guy handing out Butterfingers and pepper (yes, you read that correctly, pepper – you don’t ask questions in Ely):

As always, the Lawn Chair Dancers were a crowd pleaser:

Also, the clown band is one of my favorites:

Back at the in-laws place on Moose Lake, I decided to take a dip in the lake.  I know it looks like I’m about to belly flop here, but I’m really not:

OK fine.  I flopped.

Biking the Fernberg & Bass Lake Trail

This weekend, we drove up north to Ely, MN to spend some time with Mel’s family. We drove up early Friday night in time to watch Mel’s record-breaking little brother Matt play in his high school football game. We were disappointed to find out that Ely Memorial High School does not sell hot dogs at their football games, but we were satisfied with the popcorn. Saturday, Mel and I decided to ride our bikes from her home to downtown Ely for some ice cream and then ride back. Round trip, it would be about 38 miles.

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Here’s a couple of photos taken by myself while riding:

We made it to Ely without any problems, but our return trip was frustrated by a flat tire. Luckily, we were near the small town of Winton, and the kind folks at the Winton Liquor Store let us borrow their phone to get a ride home.

While we were waiting, we went across the street to the city park.

After a while, I was tired of the park, so I gave myself a self-guided bicycle tour of Winton, where I discovered the combination Post Office/Fat Chicken Feed Store.

Then I took a photo of the paint peeling off a light post:

And then I took a photo of some berries that Melanie refused to eat….

Then we just started taking stupid pictures of each other (what else can you do when you’re stranded in Winton???)

Finally, our ride arrived.

Sunday afternoon, we all went hiking to Dry Falls on the Bass Lake trail.

I hope you enjoyed the photo tour of our adventure!!!!