RIP, Garage

This is what my backyard looks like after one day of demo work – some before and after photos.

Hiring out demo was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was wicked hot today. I watched a crew of 4 large and muscular guys tearing this thing apart with their hands (and a couple power tools) for about 10 minutes this afternoon, and I can’t believe I ever even entertained the idea that Mel and I could do it on our own.

That would have been insane. We would have lasted about 10 minutes.

So long, friend.
RIP Garage.
Not so bad from this angle.
So long, Garage.

My favorite part is that they knocked down the entire thing and cut it up into chunks, and the garage and recycle bins are still in exactly the same place they were before they started. I guess they weren’t in the way…

The last time anyone will see this garage

A while back, I reported that I was pretty sure my garage was slowly falling into a sinkhole, and I asked y’all for some advice on what to do about it. The comments were 100% in favor of complete teardown and rebuild. I was teetering between a few options (including a couple I didn’t write about in the last post) that would allow us to be happy with the existing structure. But after a lot of hand-wringing and number crunching, we’ve decided to take your advice and just build a new garage.

We’ll be doing a lot of the work ourselves (and accepting a lot of help from family/friends), but we’re also hiring out some of the hardest and most critical parts. We’re hiring out demo and disposal of the old garage, just because we simply don’t have the man-power or equipment necessary to dispose of all the rubble. We’re also hiring out pouring the new foundation. I know just enough about concrete to know that I should leave it to the professionals when high-quality work is important. Since having a  square, level foundation is critical to making sure the whole garage goes together correctly, we’re just more comfortable having someone else do it.

We will handle all the framing and finish work ourselves. No, we’ve never done it before. No, we don’t really know how. But we’re gonna give it a shot anyway.

So take a good look at the photos below. This is the last time anyone will ever see this old garage. Tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM, some folks will be here to tear this poor lump of sadness down (hopefully without knocking down the neighbors garage along with it. If everything goes according to plan, by the end of the day Tuesday, this will just be an open patch of dirt.

So long, friend.
Not so bad from this angle.
Gable end.

I’m actually really excited to see what’s underneath this thing… Sinkhole? Underground cavern? Spelunking adventure? Muck? Pirate’s booty?

Probably just dirt.

Anyone want that satellite dish on top? It’s free so long as you remove it before 7:00 AM tomorrow morning.