Painting the Master Bedroom

Next up in the painting projects was our bedroom.

First we had to do some pretty serious prep work to get the room ready.

Before- Bedroom on move in day

Out went the carpet and down came the paneling, exposing a nice hardwood floor along with a wall of thick black adhesive.

Black adhesive behind the paneling

A few hours of sanding with the orbital sander and we had pretty smooth walls. The rest of the room took a good scrubbing  and then we were ready to paint.

Once again the Original Killz primer was needed to help block any smoke residue from seeping out.  Then a coat of Behr Grass Cloth in eggshell finish went on the walls and the trim and ceiling got a treatment of ultra-white.

Master bedroom with green walls and clean floor.

I really like using the ultra-white for trim and ceilings because I think it gives such a nice pop of freshness and contrast to the colored walls. Just our personal taste.

We debated about removing the popcorn from the ceiling, but ended up deciding it could stay for now. The popcorn finish isn’t exactly our personal taste and if we were putting it in from scratch we wouldn’t add it, but sometimes you just have to pick and choose where to put your ceiling scraping efforts.

Obviously, we still need to finish the heat registers, find a new light fixture, and hang some closet shelves.

Carpet Update:

OK, y’all.  I know you’ve been sitting on the edges of your seats waiting for me to post more photos of my floor, so here they are.  The before photos are here.  Now the after photos:

And there you go.  Having viewed these photos, your day is now complete.  You may fall asleep into a perfect slumber, confident in your accomplishments for the day.  The carpet is all the same color in all the rooms & stairs.  It just looks different because these photos were taken with two different cameras.

Big Changes Today – New Carpet

So if you’re wondering why I’ve cranked out like 4+ posts today, it’s because I took the day off to be home while The Carpet Guy puts some new carpet down in the bedroom and disposes of the carpet downstairs.  So while they’re slaving away, I’m just sitting here writing blog posts.  Anyway, I thought I’d post some photos of what it looked like before they started – not because anyone cares, but just because I’m bored and don’t have a lot to do right now.  After they leave I’ll post some photos of the final product.


Guest Bedroom:

Master Bedroom:

Dining Room:

Living Room:


After photos to come later!