Weekend Renovators

Weekend Renovators

I’m pleased to announce that my wife Melanie and I have started a new online project called Weekend Renovators. It’s a blog written by both of us (hopefully) all about our adventures renovating, modifying, maintaining, cleaning, or just living in, our new (to us) 1939 Tudor home in South Minneapolis. We’re also going to post any sort of DIY-related stuff we’re doing around the house.

Go ahead and take a moment to add the rss feed to your reader. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

We love our new home, we love DIY projects, I we love blogging, and so we hope you’ll like the new blog. I’m a lousy web designer, so I hope you’ll forgive that the site looks like it was made by a not-particularly-bright 5-year-old. Also, the site is at about 60% functionality, but whatever, so is our new house. So let’s just go with it.

I hope you’ll take the time to read through all the posts (or at least look at the pictures), but if that’s too much of a time suck for you (there are 16 posts ready to be devoured by you wonderfully supportive friends), here are a few of the highlights:

Post Email Subscriptions Discontinued

Attention nerds:

I’ve decided to drop the plugin I was using to allow y’all to subscribe to posts via email. The plugin I was using (Subscribe2) was confusing, and I’m not totally sure it was working correctly anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m looking into other options, but for now, the best option is RSS.

Happy blogging!

NOTE: I realize that the people out there relying on on email for blog updates won’t ever see this post because it will never show up in their inbox. So this post is pretty much the most pointless post ever.

Plain Website

Huzzah! New question in the inbox! Y’all have been great at keeping the questions coming lately.  Keep it up. I love getting questions. Today’s question was asked anonymously, but I’m about 98% sure I know who it’s from. Here’s the question:

Why is your website so plan (sic) did you use a template. The lay out is the same as your blog but now you have a .net name.

So I take it you’re not totally blown away by my new space here at ReubensCube, huh?  It’s ok. I can tell you’re not impressed, and it’s no big deal. You don’t have to like it.

Anonymous makes at least three observations about ReubensCube:

  • It’s ugly
  • It’s unoriginal
  • It has an awkward .net domain

Well guilty as charged, I suppose.

I guess let’s just take this piece by piece…

Why is your website so plan did you use a template.

Yes! I used the Atahualpa template, and I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out. I give the theme a big thumbs up! But “plan” is clearly a typo. Did you mean to write Why is your website so awesome? Because if that’s what you meant, it’s because of my keen web-design skills and my sharp eye for details.

The lay out is the same as your blog but now you have a .net name.

Assuming you meant to point out that ReubensCube looks a lot like SingleSpeed used to look…. then yes. And I actually spent a lot of time trying to make it look the same. So I guess I was relatively successful…

Anyway, sorry you don’t like the new site. The good news is that I tend to change domain names about once every 1.5 years. So just sit tight, and by 2013 I’m sure I’ll have moved on to a new domain somewhere else.

Any more questions?

Ask Me Anything!!!

www and Apostrophe Free

Well in case y’all haven’t noticed, there’s been a couple changes around here. Here’s a summary:

No WWW – it’s just http://reubenscube.net. If you put the www in there, no big deal… you’ll still end up at the right place. But just so we’re all clear, there’s no www in any of the post or feed URL’s. For no reason other than it’s unnecessary and I felt like getting rid of it.

Subscribe by Email – if anyone out there wants to receive each new ReubensCube post in their inbox, look for the subscribe by email box in the sidebar. Just put your email address in there, respond to the auto-generated email, and you’ll get each new ReubensCube post delivered directly to your inbox (3-6 posts per week).

No Apostrophe in the Blog Title – and it’s all one word. ReubensCube. Why? Because in a couple instances (like in notification emails to post subscribers) the apostrophe was turned into a jumble of html nonsense, so people were getting emails from something like Reuben&;*&!s Cube. And I couldn’t sleep at night because of it. I’m sure there’s a workaround, but I don’t want to spend the time to figure it out.

I kept having nightmares where I would be sitting at the computer, with a 2-year-old Kung Pao playing on the floor. Then she says something like, “Daddy, come play trucks with me!” And I want to, but I’m so agitated about the apostrophe’s that I turn into Eric Cartman all of a sudden.

And I’m like “NO, BABY! Daddy’s blog is rendering his apostrophes in email notification emails as garbled html!”

And nobody wants that, so we’re just getting rid of the apostrophe, ok?

Plus I kind of have a theme going where I take two words and smash them together into a single word:

  • SingleSpeed (defunct)
  • VeloTraffic
  • ReubensCube

right? Ok. Glad we got that settled.

So, any other features you’d like to see here at ReubensCube?


Huzzah! New question in the mailbag! This question was submitted by Katie, but I can’t be entirely certain which Katie. Here’s the question:

Nothing says Reuben like raspberries? Do you mean the fruit, or the sound you make with your tongue that lets my kids spit all over the place?
Seriously though, what made you choose raspberries?

Great question. First, let me assure you that I have never done anything of the sort to your children. Second, let me take this opportunity to apologize for any misunderstandings about my intentions or meanings regarding the blog tagline. Third, I didn’t choose raspberries. Raspberries chose me.

This should clear up any confusion out there about why Nothing says Reuben like raspberries:

Any more questions?
Ask Me Anything!!!

Custom Domain Woes

So I’m feeling the need to branch out from my current site URL –  this blogspot.com stuff is ok, but also, it’s pretty lame. I’m a big boy now (and getting bigger all the time, judging from the snug waistline on my pants right now..) and I’m ready for a big boy blog URL.

I checked, and badass.com is not available.  Darn.  So now what?

Well about a year ago, I asked y’all to help me rename the blog, and I think most people liked the name SingleSpeed best.  And while I wasn’t the biggest fan at the time, It’s really grown on me.

PROBLEM: none of the following are available:

So what should I do now?  I don’t think something like singlespeed.asia is much of an improvement… nor is something like my-singlespeed-blog-that-is-awesome.com

sigh.  Well if any of y’all have any good ideas for custom URL names, I’m all ears.

Or maybe I should just shut my trap and stay where I am….

What do you think, readers?

New Ask Me Anything Form

I’m happy to announce that I’m upgrading my Ask Me Anything feature to a Google Docs powered form. Formspring was working ok, but there were two known problems. First, the email notification when I would receive new questions didn’t seem reliable. Second, Formspring imposes a maximum question length, and Google Docs doesn’t (or if they do, it’s pretty dang big). So check out the new form and keep the questions coming!

If you want to create your own google doc Ask Me Anything form, you can read up on some brief instructions here, and set it up. It’s super-easy. Google practically does it for you.

On a related note of business, someone submitted an anonymous question a few days ago that was sabotaged by the Formspring character limit. It was a question about Joseph Smith, and it looked like it was going to be a good one, before it was interrupted mid-sentence. So whoever asked that question, feel free to re-submit the full question with the new form, if you’d like. If I don’t hear from you after a few days, I’ll just go ahead and guess at what I thought you were going to ask.

Ask Me Anything!!!