July Blog Stats

Total Visits: 1,203
Direct Traffic: 191 (this is folks who typed the address directly into their browser)
Referred Traffic: 747 (this is folks who clicked a link to get here)
Search Engine Traffic: 265 (97% of search visits came from google)
It’s fun to see what people are searching for that brings them to this blog. Here’s some noteworthy keywords people were searching for when they ended up on my blog:
1. can’t do sit ups (and derivatives) – 48 visits – apparently there are a lot of people who share my lack of muscles
2. jamis beatnik (and derivatives) – 37 visits
3. usi wireless (and derivatives) – 28 visits
4. liahona bikes (and derivatives) – 15 visits
5. stephanie brodegard10 visits – (one person also arrived here after searching for “bill brodegard blog“) – apparently they’re a popular couple to google, although this blog is a poor source of information – sorry to disappoint.
6. mc know one7 visits
Here are a few random ones I thought were funny:
“males mormon missionaries to marry after mission” – is there a missionary dating service I don’t know about?
“apostles idiots” – don’t know why they ended up at my blog – I’ve never called apostles idiots
“has a lds missionary ever came off their mission and married a person they met in a ward they served in?” – answer: yes, frequently.
“i met my husband on his lds mission” – see above
“if I use my fingers to count at the age of 12 am I stupid” – probably not
“iam a scrapper who scraps metal” – this seems like more of a declaration than a search term
“local bike shops that fix broken bikes” – i’ll bet this search would have been more effective if they had defined “local”
“songtekst a missionaris in the care people can’t believe what i become” – huh?