2010 Drumstick Dash 10K

My friend Julie convinced me to run a 10 K this morning. That’s no sweat for her since she’s totally into running these days, but 10K is a little further than I’m used to – specifically, the 50 foot journeys I usually make between the couch and the refrigerator during commercial breaks.  But the good news is that I didn’t vomit the entire time!

But it was like 8 degrees outside! The race route was 2x around Lake Harriet, and it was a completely iced over.  Every step I could feel myself slipping around a little bit.  But it still felt great to be outside breathing the cold air this morning.

Here’s the best part: I bet I burned at least 600 calories, which is approaching one quarter of the calories I intend to eat for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon.  That means I get to eat 25% more stuffing!  Forget turkey, by the way.  I’m totally into stuffing.

Race: 2010 Drumstick Dash 10K
Distance: 10K (6.21 miles)
Time: 49:22
Pace: 7:56/mile

Anyway, it’s not a personal best time or anything (previous 10K times: 42:41, 42:37, and 42:32, but I’m still proud of myself for getting out and doing it.

OK, well let’s just skip to the photos of my mug that I know y’all are craving right now.

This is how I roll:

Face Frost!!!:

My friend Julie and I:

Autumn Woods Classic 10K

I ran in the Autumn Woods Classic 10K on October 11th, this past weekend and placed 23rd overall (out of about 600 runners).  I’m pretty proud of my performance.  My time was 42:41.  I wish I had kept better track of my past times so I could compare my performance over time.  So one of my purposes for posting the info here is to preserve it so I can find it later.

Wanna know what sucks, though?  My friend from the office who also ran in the race TOTALLY WON the overall woman’s race, but something malfunctioned with her electronic timing chip, so her time didn’t get recorded!  I WATCHED her cross the finish line and she was MOS DEF the first woman across the line.  oooHHH.  I’d be so MAD!

Sour Grapes Run Half-Marathon

Melanie and I, b+k, and tbert all participated in the 7th Annual Sour Grapes Half & Half Run. Melanie and I agreed that it was definitely the toughest course we’ve ever run. It was located in Brainerd in the Northland Arboretum – so we were surrounded by lakes and trees. The trails were a combination of sand, dirt and grass, and there were a LOT of hills on the course. It was my first time running on anything other than asphalt, so it was pretty new for me – and pretty difficult. The results for the 10K and half marathon are shown below.  I’m pretty pleased with my time of 1:35:35.

Run the Valley 10K

I ran in the Golden Valley “Run The Valley” 10K this morning (in case you’re wondering, there is nothing particularly golden, nor is there really a valley in Golden Valley). Based on last years results, I went into the race hoping to place in the top 15. The official results haven’t been posted yet, but I believe I placed 13th with a time somewhere around 42-43 minutes. Here’s a photo of me ready for the race:

And another one at the starting line:

Here is me coming down the final stretch. If you ask Mel, she’ll tell you I got 11th place, but that’s only because she didn’t notice that right after she snapped this photo, the two guys right behind me zipped passed me, bumping me into 13th.

I’m pretty pround of my time of 42:37.  Results here.