Painting the Basement Storage Room

Ok, I finally pulled my ass off the couch long enough to do something useful. Or at least long enough to make a mess.

So we’ve got this basement, right? And it’s mostly just a place to store stuff. It hasn’t seen any investment in a long time, so it’s starting to look a little ragged. Previous owners had painted the concrete block walls and some of the interior walls, but it’s all yellowing, dingy, flaking, and pretty unsightly. Also, it’s just not very well organized. There are shelves, but not the right kinds, and not where we want them. Other spaces are undefined and not particularly useful.

Our goal with this project is pretty much just to paint everything, probably build a few new shelves while we’re at it, right? We have too much crap laying around to do the whole basement at once, so we’ll have to do it one room at a time. We’ll start in the storage room. It’s a decent sized room. Almost too big. Big enough that if you don’t have stuff stacked up in the middle of the room you feel like you’re wasting space. When we built our garage, a lot stuff ended up in the basement that should be in the garage, and a lot of it hasn’t made it’s way back out to the garage again yet. First we just had to haul all the stuff out. It’s just stuffed around in other places of our basement, which is now mostly unusable because of crap.

Ok, on to the pictures. Here’s what our basement looks like full of useless stuff.

Basement storage room is full of stuff.
Basement storage room is full of stuff.
One little shelf on that wall is dumb.
One little shelf on that wall is dumb.
Boxes and stacks of stuff next to the laundry chute.
Boxes and stacks of stuff next to the laundry chute.
Stuff stacked under the stairs.
Stuff stacked under the stairs.
Massive set of shelves.
Massive set of shelves. I never loved the doors on these. They’re always awkward.
Flaking paint. Looks like water damage, but dry to the touch.
Flaking paint. Looks like water damage, but dry to the touch.
Flaking Paint.
Flaking Paint.

After we had all the stuff moved out, we heavily debated what to do about the massive shelves. They are as sturdy as 200 elephants, but the wall behind them was in pretty rough shape. We wouldn’t be able to do a great job painting the wall with them in place, so we decided they needed to come out. We salvaged a lot of the lumber to use elsewhere. Anyway, the basic tasks here were as follows:

  • Use a wire brush attachment on a power drill to power scrape all the loose paint off
  • Use a hand wire brush as necessary in problem areas
  • Vacuum the walls
  • Scrub the walls
  • Use quick-setting hydraulic cement to patch some of the holes
  • Place three coats of DryLok paint on the masonry walls
  • One coat of primer on the interior wood framed walls

Here are some before-and-afters. More accurately, these are still in-progress shots since we don’t have the final coat of paint on any of it yet. The “before” shots are also after we’ve already brushed, vacuumed, and scrubbed the walls.

View 1 - Before
View 1 – Before
View 1 - After
View 1 – After
View 2 - Before
View 2 – Before
View 2 - After
View 2 – After
View 3 - Before
View 3 – Before
View 3 - After
View 3 – After

Really brightens up the space, huh? Even after three coats of the heavy paint, the walls are still yellowing a bit. Maybe we shouldn’t have gone with white paint?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Next steps are to finish painting the walls, scrub the floor, paint the floor, then build some new shelving in here. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Painting the Basement Storage Room”

  1. where did you put all the stuff that you moved out of the way? That’s a major problem with me, since I’ve lived in this 100 yr old house for 20 years, have collected junk for that much time, and I spend so much time just moving things from one place to another. Hard to begin a project when so much time is spent just getting to it. Time for a garage sale, eh?

  2. Just for storage or future mancave? I am looking forward to sprucing up the basement myself. We have plans for a mavecave/theatre area, redo the bathroom, workshop, storage area, and possible mini kitchenette. Have to finish the kitchen first. We will probable dig in this winter.

  3. How is the DryLok holding up a year later? My walls look just like your walls and I have been struggling with how much time to put into prep before painting with DryLok. Thanks!

  4. Just came across your post. Looks great! I have used Drylock in the past also. Great stuff, just a bit heavy going on. One thing struck me though. You said you used a wire brush and a drill to remove the loose paint. As old as your house is, please tell me you had it tested for lead and used proper respiratory protection even if there wasn’t lead. That stuff can be nasty!

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