Why are you so awesome?

Huzzah! Another question in the inbox! This one was asked anonymously. In June.

I do not pride myself on my prompt responses.

Here’s the question:

You guys seem to do such cool things. Do you just not write about the ones that go badly? Where do you recommend NOT taking kids?

Good question. How did I get to be so cool? My wife asks me that every day. I still don’t know the answer.

Just kidding! Rule number one of family blogging is that you only write about the good things. We do terrible things all the time, I just don’t write about it because I want everyone to think my life is perfect. Sometimes something really unfortunate happens, like a trip to the Mall of America, but a search of this blog will find you only one recorded instance of visiting this level of hell. Same with IKEA. My secrets are secret.

And don’t ever take kids to malls unless you’re just going to let them play on the little indoor playground things while you sleep or something.


Now, an important announcement.

This Ask Me Anything!!! thing has been fun. The ask me anything tag has 93 posts attached to it (including this one), and some of those posts had more than one question. It’s been a good time, but this will be the last ask me anything post. Sorry to break this to you on a weekend…

I just really need to focus on my art right now.


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