Garage: Barn Lights

We put some finishing touches on the garage project this past weekend. I bet you thought we were done with the project already, huh? No, we’re still working on some finishing touches.

Last time I posted some photos of the garage it looked like this:

Finished front of garage.
Finished front of garage.

Now it looks like this:

Garage: Barn Lights
Garage: Barn Lights

Hint: It’s the lights.

All the house bloggers out there are going nuts about barn lights, and we’re no different, I guess. We think it’s a pretty cool look. Ignore the white around the light on the right – I’ll get around to touching up the paint sometime in 2017. With the lights in place, we had our final inspection by the city a couple days ago, so I’m gonna call it. This project is Dunzo.

3 thoughts on “Garage: Barn Lights”

  1. I love the lights! Very cool. May I add a suggestion?? I think a set of that faux carriage door hardware (can get at Home Depot or Lowes, they don’t have it at Menards) would look great on that door. I think it is under $20.

  2. The placement of the barn lights look great on the garage. Are those 16″ shades? I know you can buy barn lights from home depot and lowes but generally those are knock offs. So, if you, or your readers are inclined to purchasing Made in the USA products you can check out this site

    That page of barn lights also have a good variety of barn lights to choose from, and you can always look up the manufacturer to get even more ideas and inspiration.

  3. How tall are your wall plates? They must be a good two feet taller than what I have. I just have 8′ wall plates sitting on a slab, no block foundation.

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