Painting the Attic Bedroom

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we were trying to spruce the attic up a bit by just throwing up a bit of paint and making only very minor repairs. Like I mentioned in the previous post, the walls are made of plywood, with a thin skim coat over the top. It’s not holding up well, and the skim coat is chipping off in a lot of places. There has also been some water intrusion over the years, so we were left with a lot of little things like this to repair:

Paint over plywood.
Paint over plywood.

We’re not really putting a ton of effort into it, we’re just mudding it up to conceal the holes for now. It’s not a great long-term fix, but like I mentioned previously, we’re operating under the assumption that the whole attic will be gutted within 5 years, so good enough.

We spent last weekend throwing up some paint on the walls in the bedroom area (we haven’t tackled the hallway yet). Here are a few before and after shots showing the walls as they’ve looked for the past year. The walls were a really awful salmon color. White-washing things really went a long way towards brightening this space up.

Attic Bed Nook - Before
Attic Bed Nook – Before
Attic Bed Nook - After
Attic Bed Nook – After

Nice, huh? We updated some of the electrical, and mounted a couple new lights right above each bed. There is a new outlet right at the head of each bed, which isn’t exactly the most convenient place for an outlet, but whatever. That’s where the wires were and moving wires around was out of the scope of this project.

Try this before and after on for size:

Attic Bathroom Door - Before
Attic Bathroom Door – Before
Attic Bathroom Door - After
Attic Bathroom Door – After

We didn’t paint any of the doors – we might in the future, but it didn’t seem like the right thing to do right now. These are beautiful solid wood doors, and I haven’t totally ruled out the possibility of stripping them sometime in the future.

How about this one?

Attic Side - Before
Attic Side – Before
Attic Side - After
Attic Side – After

What do you think? The space is almost livable now, right? We don’t have house guests all that often, but when we do, I think they’ll appreciate the updated look.

7 thoughts on “Painting the Attic Bedroom”

  1. Great job! Looks wonderful. Now, straighten up the lamp shade and put in a smoke/carbon detector and I’ll come visit! 😉

  2. It looks really nice! I’m all for stripping the doors – with the wood floor they would look great! Your guests will certainly enjoy the space. So…….now you know how to keep Gretchen from visiting – don’t straightened the lamp shade and don’t put in smoke/cd detectors!

  3. The bedroom area of my house has the same doors, but in two-tone (white outside stiles and walnut stained panel). I was planning to paint them white, but now I’m reconsidering. I recently saw a house with white trim but stained doors, and it looked much nicer than my current two-tone doors. Keep us updated with the doors down the line! Thanks for the photos.

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