My Very Own Online Lewd Photo Scandal

Huzzah! A new question in the inbox! This comes from Andy, with whom I have been friends for many years.

Actually, it’s more of a scolding than a question:

This isn’t really a question… more of a request/demand.

Please add at least 5 new photos to your flickr stream. At least once a week flickr wants me to see that picture of you with your sweatpants pulled harshly into the crack of your ass because and I can’t take it anymore. It’s haunting my dreams.

I have a pair of gray sweatpants I wear to bed sometimes, and every time I pull them out of my drawer the image of your drawers pops into my head. I’d rather see a pair of drumsticks or a bike and think of you, but instead you’ve become the sweatpants in the ass-crack guy. I really don’t think that is a fitting place for you in my memories and I think you’ll agree.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

First off, I have a flickr account? Are you sure?

Hmmm. I have forgotten all about it. I don’t really use flickr. I really want to like flickr, but for heaven’s sake it keeps wanting me to use a Yahoo email account to log in and I don’t even know what that means. I think I have about a dozen Yahoo accounts that I have logged into once and only once, each one created only if I’m trying to access flickr. Or something. Flickr does whatever flickr wants.

Anyway, I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, as lewd photos of myself have no place on the internet. I can recall the offending photograph, but I can hardly recall the sordid details of why the photo exists, and what would cause me to upload such a thing to the internet. You’ll soon notice that I have removed the offending photos, and replaced them with several new photos (which are actually old photos that will be familiar to any readers of this very blog).

I wish you the best of luck with all your flickring, and I hope you are able to expunge the image from your memory. I do not want to lose you as a flickr contact, as you are my only one. Well I’m glad we have taken care of this awful mixup.

Any more questions?
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3 thoughts on “My Very Own Online Lewd Photo Scandal”

  1. That is much better. Thank you for honoring the boundaries and expectations of our Flickr relationship.

    Also – PRO TIP – you can now login to Flickr with your Google account. I totally understand the frustration of trying to remember the forgotten Yahoo accounts of yore, but this makes it much easier to use Flickr again. You have to login with the Google account and then link it to your old Yahoo account. Then you can just ignore the Yahoo account altogether.

    Of course, I really only backup my photos there and keep them all private so I’m not much of a Flickr friend either.

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