Catching up on Questions

Huzzah! New questions in the inbox! Actually, I’ve gotten a number of questions over the past several months that I haven’t had a chance to answer yet. I feel a little bad about it, since I definitely do not want any of my dear readers to feel neglected. I LOVE getting questions, I’ve just been swamped with this garage project. However, now that it’s wrapping up, it’s time to catch up on questions.

First question comes from Andrew:

If the Mormon church did not launch the satellite then who do they subscribe from

It’s a pretty neat story, actually. Back in the late 1950’s, when the US government was trying to launch their first satellite, one of the biggest challenges they faced was funding. Traditional banks weren’t interested in the project, but turns out that this happened to be right when the Mormon Church was developing some deep pockets and were looking for areas to invest. Long story short, the Mormon Church proved to be a significant funding source for the first several US Satellite launches. In return, the US government agreed to make some portion of satellite capacity available for church use. ┬áDon’t believe me? Look it up.

Next question was asked anonymously:

What did you do to stick the astroturf on the car?

This question is referring to this post where I shared this photo:

astroturf car
Bitchin’ Dude!

The answer is 28 gallons of maple syrup.

And another anonymous question:

I don’t work, so you get back to work, SLACKER

This is not a question, but thank you for the suggestion to improve my productivity. You have inspired me.

Finally, another anonymous question:

How do you know that its the Best Blog???

One time, I asked a friend if he read my blog. He said he didn’t know what a blog was, so I gave him the web address and told him to go read it. The next time I saw him he was like, “cool blog, bro.” That’s how I know.

I’ve got a couple more questions in the hopper, so sit tight if you haven’t seen an answer to yours yet.

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