Garage: Siding Finished

Sheesh, this garage project never ends! The hardest part is still just finding time to work on it. A couple hours each weekend just doesn’t cut it.

But here’s the progress so far:

Garage Siding Finished

Garage siding finished!

We finished the siding last weekend. Tomorrow morning, I’ll spend a couple hours caulking all the joints in the siding and we’ll be able to turn our primary focus to the inside of the garage. The exterior is still far from “done”. All the trim still needs to be painted the same deep maroon color as the trim on the house, but that may not happen yet this year. That may be a job for next spring.

Items that still need to be finished before hibernation begins for the winter:

  • Finish the firewall (drywall) assembly on the back wall
  • finish electrical
  • build shelving & a workbench
  • install electric garage opener

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