Garage: Slowly Making Progress

Progress on the garage is creeping along very slowly. It’s tough to find time to work on this. Weekdays are useless. I get home from work around 5:45. The official sunset time for Minneapolis today was 6:19 PM. Just enough time to get out all the tools and put them away again.

Weekends are my only chance to work on it, but of course I’m also juggling other weekend activities.

And oh yea, turns out I also have a daughter and I would like her to know me as more than “that guy who is always making noise in the backyard.

But we’ll get there eventually. The siding is on one side, and we’re almost done with the siding on the back, too.

Siding – one wall complete.

And check out these great knee braces. This is my favorite part of the garage so far. I think they look pretty sharp! What do you think?

Knee Braces.

And in case you didn’t notice, we have doors.


There’s still a lot to finish up here, and we’ve set a goal to be finished by Thanksgiving. Here’s  a rundown of what’s next:

  • hang soffits – 1 wall
  • finish trim – 1 wall
  • finish siding – 3 walls
  • caulk siding – all
  • paint trim – all
  • finish drywall firewall on inside – 1 wall
  • electrical
  • build shelves

What do you think? Can we finish all this by Thanksgiving if we only have a few hours each weekend to work?

6 thoughts on “Garage: Slowly Making Progress”

  1. umm… which Thanksgiving?
    My Thanksgiving list includings finishing the wall bed, sliding cabinet doors for the upstairs bathroom, and a tune-up for my back-up bike since, yes, I had another bike stolen.

  2. a murphy bed–stands up against the wall, then folds down; I bought a kit from Rocklers; turns my home office into a guest room.

    we did something interesting for the bathroom. The upper floor is half-roof, half-rooms. One wall of the BR is adjacent to one part of the roof, so we (we meaning someone I hired) opened up the wall into a previously closed-off attic. I (no we here) cleaned up that space, and laid down plywood on top of the rafters for storage space (thus enabling our hoarding tendencies). We then built a new attic-BR wall to create an area about 3 ft high, 3 ft deep and about 5ft wide. So lots of BR storage space without taking up BR floor space. Did that make sense? Like a “built-in cabinet.” A compact fridge (got to keep that Diet Dr Pepper cold) covers the entry into the attic, on sliders to easily move out of the way when I need access to the attic, hopefully just a few times a year since it will have seasonal items.

    1. Whoa. Sounds like you’ve got quite a project on your hands! I’d love to see some pics of your handywork. You’re going to have to start a house blog!

  3. Get any more done over the weekend? Looks great so far. I know what you’re going through. I resided my whole house pretty much by myself on nights and weekends. There were plenty of nights I had the temporary lights fired up.

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