Garage: One and a Half and a Half Walls

Well, this happened today:

It’s one and a half and a half walls.

Looks pretty good, huh? My initial reaction is that wow, these walls are… TALL.  The walls, including the concrete block stem walls are nearly 10 feet tall, which is not an accident since that’s the maximum wall height the City of Minneapolis will permit on a detached garage. At first glance, this garage is going to completely dwarf my neighbors garage.

This garage is going to be…. tall.

Of course, we’re using a very low pitch roof truss, so it’s nearly at full height – it’s not going to get much taller than it is now. We’re going to absolutely love having 10′ walls, but I do wonder what my neighbors will think of it….

KP was the best little helper today, even if she did cry every single time the air compressor kicked on.

No place for a baby like a construction site.

This photo isn’t really that great, I just like these beefy bearing plates.

We did make a major blunder today, which is that we sheathed the back wall of the garage with OSB rather than the fireblock stuff we had planned to use. We were just on a roll and it completely slipped our minds. Not sure what we’re gonna do about that yet.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info tomorrow. We’re hoping to have the walls totally finished by tomorrow evening, and we’ll start on the trusses Thursday.

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