Garage: Patching the Gap with Asphalt

A bit more visual progress on the garage progress! After we cut a nice straight line in the asphalt, and poured a new concrete apron in front of the garage, we were still left with about a 3-4″ wide gap  to fill.

Gap between asphalt and concrete.

We used some asphalt-in-a-bag product from the big box store to fill the gap. It looks nice, but this stuff is brutal to work with, and I’m not too impressed with the strength of the results. It was difficult to compact, and the strange shape of the gap we were trying to fill, combined with the slope of the fill left me without a lot of confidence in the finished product.

Patched Asphalt.

We will probably end up having the entire driveway repaved next summer, which will give us a chance to correct some other drainage issues. In the mean time, this will have to do.

Next, we’ll be painting the outside of the foundation with waterproof paint, caulking around the edges, spreading some topsoil, and trying to plant some grass seed. It will be a busy week!

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