Basement shelves

We’ve been working hard on the garage project lately, but we needed a bit of a distraction to get our minds on other things for a while. Luckily, our messy basement provided an easy afternoon project. Our basement was a holy mess, with all our tools and everything thrown around everywhere. It also doesn’t help that we have everything that should be in the garage stored down there too, including 6 bicycles, which take up some space! Here’s a shot of the back corner of the basement:

This place is a mess.

But hey, lookey here! After a bit of rearranging, a nice space in the corner emerges where we could build some shelves right in front of the sump pump.

Nice place for some shelves.

It’s probably not a great idea to build shelves in front of the sump pump, but we think we’ll still be able to access the sump if we need to…. not that it’s doing anything anyway since it hasn’t been plugged in since we bought the place (there are no plugs anywhere near the thing!).

So we set out to build some shelves. KP was an excellent helper for the day. She loved carrying around a box of screws, dumping them all out, then putting them all in the box again. So helpful!

Little Helper.

Actually, I know nobody really wants to hear stories about how adorable someone thinks their own kid is, but she was pretty darn adorable. Since she was holding the screws, any time I needed another one, I just had to hold out my hand and say “another one please”, and she would reach in the box, pull one out, and hand it to me.  If you don’t have kids, you’re thinking “blah blah kid story blah blah”. However, I assure you it was adorable.

KP handed me screws one by one.

BAM! Here’s what Mel, KP, and I ended up with! It’s made entirely out of 2×4’s and 1/2″ OSB. Four shelves, the bottom one 4″ off the ground to help keep stuff dry. The rear two posts are attached to the floor joists above to keep the shelves from tipping over.

Shelves in place.

I could put anything I wanted to on here! Items! Artifacts!

Empty Shelves.

Little Helper trying out the shelves with small booties.

Strong enough to support at least a dozen KP’s.

Then I couldn’t really think of a lot to put on them…. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Loaded up. Sort of.

OK, nice little diversion, but now it’s time to focus on the garage again…

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