Repairs to the Box Bike

This past weekend, I had to make a quick fix to the Joe Bike Box Bike we bought last year. We’re still very happy with our purchase of a box bike, and for the most part, we’re still happy we bought the Joe Bike version. I wrote a full review of the Joe Bike Box Bike here.

Regular readers will recall that we tore down our garage a couple months ago and are slowly building new one. This means that without a garage, the box bike has been stored outside, and the open elements have really taken a toll on the plywood box. Even when the box was brand new, it never really had much in terms of a protective polyurethane coating to keep it weather tight. After a couple months of being stored outside, the box is really showing some age. One problem we’ve had with the plywood box is that the two seat blocks that support the fold-down seat fell off. They were held on with construction adhesive, and that simply hasn’t held up very well.

Seat supports fell off.

To fix the problem, we stuck them back in place with some new construction adhesive, and tacked them into place with an air nail gun. We used three 18 gauge 3/4″ long brad nails in each seat support. So far so good, and the nails seem to be doing a great job holding the supports in place. Joe Bike should really consider adding this to the construction method in the factory, as it’s about a 200% improvement over adhesive alone.

Pop three 18 gauge 3/4″ brad nails into each seat support.

The only other issue we continue to have with the Joe Box Box Bike is with the very poorly designed seat tube clamp. Despite our best efforts, we simply can not find a way to get the clamp to hold the seat tube tight enough that it isn’t constantly slowly falling down as we ride, at least, short of clamping down on it so tightly that my wife and I can no longer adjust the seat to our preferences without tools. We already clamp it tight enough that my wife is barely able to adjust it herself.

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