Garage Sinkhole: A Joyous Celebration

When I first started writing about my garage project, I mentioned that I was about 80% sure that our garage was slowly sinking into a sinkhole. I couldn’t be certain, of course, but several signs indicated that there was active soil movement on the property, but now I have certain proof.

Last time I wrote about the project, I showed that we had used a circular saw to cut away the asphalt in front of the garage so that we could have some room to pour a concrete apron. When I last posted a picture, it looked like this:

Straight asphalt edge.

Since that photo was taken, we dug out about 6-8 inches of dirt to provide a space to pour the concrete apron. We finished digging last weekend, and had started to set the forms for pouring the concrete. We had the concrete bed all flattened and compacted ready for concrete. Then Tuesday evening we had an ever-so-slight rainfall. Really, just a tiny bit of rain. We woke up Wednesday morning to find that this sinkhole had opened up right next to our garage, completely undermining our brand new slab:

Garage Sinkhole.
We’re doomed.

And if that much movement is happening with the slightest bit of rain, who know what’s happening when the rain really starts moving. It ¬†confirms, though, that we’re building a garage on top of an active sinkhole. There is about a 0% chance that this will end well.

But this is not a sad post, friends. This is cause for joyous celebration. Right now, as you’re reading this, I want you to feel smart and capable. I want you to feel proud of your accomplishments. I want you to celebrate your successes.

As we move through life, each of us will make mistakes. We will have setbacks and challenges. We will underperform, miscalculate, or neglect some important thing. We will beat ourselves up over it. We will have feelings of self-doubt or shame. And next time, dear reader, you start beating yourself up over your latest failing of some sort, I want you to stop, think of this post, and smile. No matter what you’ve just screwed up, you should take immense comfort in knowing that at least you aren’t that guy on the internet who built a brand new garage on top of a sinkhole.

12 thoughts on “Garage Sinkhole: A Joyous Celebration”

  1. OH NO!!! We are so very sorry. But if it will make you feel any better, I promise that every time something in our renovation goes awry (and at this point, it happens pretty frequently) I will pause before I freak out and I will say “At least we don’t have a sinkhole.” Thank you for the new mantra. And good luck with this. What are your plans?

  2. our sewer line has a leak (confirmed by a camera threaded through the line) and is causing a sink hole in the middle of the street. Some day the street will collapse. I suppose I should set up a separate fund, 5 figures I’m guessing, to fund the subsequent repairs.

  3. Reuben I am so impressed with your attitude about the sinkhole! I shall remember this post and share with Jason and Bekah! We can all give a “wink” and say “glad we don’t have Reuben’s sinkhole! Have a great day. Love you guys. ps really enjoy the photos of KP

  4. We just finished building a garage last month; luckily ours didn’t come with a sinkhole below it. I doubt I would have had such a good attitude about it. Can you shore up the ground with gravel? Or is it really a lost cause?

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