Garage Slab Forms

Well, there’s been a bit of progress on the garage project this past week. If you recall, we decided to hire out the slab work to someone else. After much waiting, they finally had time to come start the project.

We went from this:


To this:

Forms ready for inspection.

It took a pretty good size load of fill material to get this leveled out at the right elevation. The new garage is going to sit a bit higher than the old one. We’re using 12″x12″ footers rather than the minimum required 4″x8″ just to beef things up a bit. We’re also using #4 rebar at 2′ on center rather than a more typical 4′ on center, and a 5″ slab rather than a more typical 4″ slab, also just to beef things up. We’re also gonna use a fancy-schmancy 4500 psi concrete with microfiber just to make sure this thing is solid since there may or may not be a sinkhole underneath.

“Bring it on, sinkhole,” I say tauntingly. “Open up under my garage. I’m just gonna bridge over you.”

Actually, I’m pretty sure that if there’s an active sinkhole under here, I’m probably screwed no matter what.

Now if that darned city inspector would hurry up and inspect the thing, we’d have a slab already.

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  1. so really — tell the truth. doesn’t this concrete slab thing make you think of the kevin bacon movie ‘tremors’? because that movie was awesome.

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