Garage Teardown: Day 3

Garage teardown is complete. Check it out:

Sink. Sank. Sunk.

Next steps:

  • rake through the rubble a bit more and clean up some edges a bit.
  • figure out the exact elevation of the new garage that will facilitate drainage.
  • hire a company to pour the new foundation.
  • build a garage.

2 thoughts on “Garage Teardown: Day 3”

    1. A basement on the garage? Well, I had not considered that option.

      Minneapolis allows detached garages to be 12′ tall (measured to the middle of the gable end) and maximum of 10′ wall height. They will allow up to 16′ if the roof pitch and siding material matches the house.

      We’re planning to max out the 10′ walls, but then we’ll have to use a shallow pitch roof truss to stay within the 12′ height. We thought about reaching for the 16′ height, but decided against it because it would be harder to build, a bit more expensive, and we don’t want to use stucco to match the house.

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