RIP, Garage

This is what my backyard looks like after one day of demo work – some before and after photos.

Hiring out demo was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was wicked hot today. I watched a crew of 4 large and muscular guys tearing this thing apart with their hands (and a couple power tools) for about 10 minutes this afternoon, and I can’t believe I ever even entertained the idea that Mel and I could do it on our own.

That would have been insane. We would have lasted about 10 minutes.

So long, friend.
RIP Garage.
Not so bad from this angle.
So long, Garage.

My favorite part is that they knocked down the entire thing and cut it up into chunks, and the garage and recycle bins are still in exactly the same place they were before they started. I guess they weren’t in the way…

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