Reminder – Collins Family Cyclefest 2012

Collins Family Cyclefest 2012

Just a friendly reminder, Collins Family Cyclefest is happening this Saturday at 10:30 AM. We’re meeting at Cotton Tail on the Trail at the intersection of Portland Avenue and Minnehaha Parkway.

Here’s the 9 mile route. We’re hitting up Sea Salt for ice cream, Fat Lorenzo’s for gelato, and Pepito’s for burritos (unless THE KID is pissed and needs a nap).

Call my cell phone or send me an email if you want to meet up with us somewhere along the route.

Also, be excellent to each other.

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  • Dang, this is when I wish I still owned a bike. Or maybe I should just rent or borrow one. I’ll probably do it once the kids are old enough to ride. Until then, we’ll have to settle for our walks, which are pretty fun in their own right.