Basement Counter Space

Saturday Morning.

Mel: Did you see that cabinet our neighbors are throwing away?
Reuben: No. Is it nice?
Mel: No. And it doesn’t have a top.
Reuben: Oh, sounds great.
Mel: Should we take it?
Reuben: Yea, probably. Where will we put it?
Mel: Basement?

1. Buy stock countertop at big box store.

2. Cut it to size with a table saw.

Melanie says: I’m too cool for this.

3. Regret step #2. Try again with Jigsaw.


4. Resign your life to mediocrity, say “good enough”, and just screw it into place.

A few pocket hole screws & some construction adhesive.

5. Done.


We don’t really know what we’ll do with it, but it was a fun little weekend project.

Do anything fun this weekend?

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