Defining the Flower Beds

You guys know that the real reason I write this blog is so that I can convince myself that I am actually a productive person, right? I know nobody really cares about every dumb chore I do around the house, but it makes me feel good to write a post about it so I can say, “See? Look at all the things I’m doing!”

Anyway, this past weekend was all about yard work. We spent pretty much all day Saturday digging, pulling weeds, stacking blocks, and other stuff.

You might remember a few weekends ago, we gutted the front flower beds. We pretty much just took a reciprocating saw to everything in sight.

We went from this:


To this:


This past weekend, we took it a step further and ended up with this:


We added a little stone wall around the left side. Ideally, that concrete sidewalk would just actually be that high and we wouldn’t need the wall, but everything on our entire lot has sunk 6″+ (other than the house, strangely). For now, the wall will work pretty well.

little wall

On the right side, we sunk the pavers into the ground so that we could run one wheel of the lawn mower over it to avoid having to trim the edge of the grass (because honestly, we’re never going to edge stuff – ever). The chunk of dirt outside the flower bed will just be seeded for grass, and we’ll plant some flowers and stuff in the beds.

ooh so fancy

Right now we’ve just got some  ferns that we transplanted from the back yard (I’m pretty sure they’re dying though) and some hostas that our neighbor gave us. Honestly, it’s pretty cool to live next door to a lady that loves gardening because anytime she sees us outside with a shovel she’s like, “Hey, let me dig up one of my plants and give it to you so you don’t have to buy it.”

Or maybe she’s just tired of living next to our ugly yard and figures that’s the only way things will change. Dunno.

Anyway, that’s it for now. See? Look at all the things I’m doing!

6 thoughts on “Defining the Flower Beds”

  1. Interesting. You write a blog to feel productive about household project, I write a blog to avoid having to do household projects.. Very interesting indeed…. You may be the better person in this deal.

  2. Ah come’mon. You know we love reading about your house projects. Plus, aren’t most blogs literally web journals so YOU can look back and enjoy the postings. It is just a bonus that we get to read about this particular one. 😀 I can’t wait to see how the plants fill out. And also, can we have your neighbor. Ours just complains about how ugly our yard is, while her gardeners work for hours to keep her yard immaculate.

  3. I love seeing what you guys get up to! KP needs a bunch of those Tonka trucks to help you dig. Check yard sales for them, they can be expensive new.

    How come this didn’t go on your Weekend Renovators blog? I wondered the same thing about when you made the cabinet for your basement. I read that blog and dream about when I have my own house to coat with Kilz instead of trying to convince our landlords that this is a good idea.

    1. @Katie – well, I’ve been meaning to write a post about this, but I don’t think I have the gumption and enthusiasm it takes to be a successful house blogger, so I guess I’m tossing those dreams out the window. Weekend Renovators, I think, has come to an end… which makes me very sad, but it’s probably for the best.

      Also, don’t dream, just do it! Landlord be damned!

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