Veterans Memorial Park in Richfield

You guys ever been to Veterans Memorial Park in Richfield (right off 66th Street and Portland Ave)? It’s pretty cool.

Mel and I spent a couple hours walking the paths there this past weekend. It’s a pretty good place to kill a few hours walking around. There were two things that really stood out to me:

1. It’s surprisingly beautiful once you get back in the trees. The park is much larger than you think it’s going to be.

2. These trails are in very poor shape. Time for reconstruction.

Some path.
Just some other path.
Some paths are shared-use, others are peds only.
Just some wetlands.
Some other wetlands.
Steel prefab concrete deck bridge. Nice, huh?

The boardwalk was probably my favorite part, because it bounces with each step. Also it’s very narrow, so it’s fun to imagine other people falling into the wetlands.

Narrow Boardwalk.
It floats, so it bounces with each step.

Ever been to Veterans Memorial Park in Richfield? What did you think? Will you go back?

7 thoughts on “Veterans Memorial Park in Richfield”

  1. My mom grew up in Richfield a few blocks from this park. Growing up we used to come down to visit my grandma in Richfield and the playground at Veterans Memorial Park was our favorite. We always thought it was so huge! We got a few games of mini golf in there too. I had no idea it had these trails though. I’m adding this to our to-do list, hopefully sometime this weekend.

  2. Great park, also where the city holds their 4th of July celebration, which is excellent. My uncle used to live in a house that backed up to the park.

  3. We love that park! They have a pretty good farmer’s market there on Saturdays (it might be other days too, that’s just when we’ve gone), fun playground equipment, and I love those trails. They’re definitely for walking though, not skates or strollers.

    The water park is fun. At least it was when I was 12.

    Do you know about Richfields’ 4th of July festival? A lot of it takes place in Veteran’s park. It’s like, a five day long celebration, but we usually only go to the parade, sometimes the carnival, and the fireworks. I bet you’re going to Ely for the 4th though, right?

  4. @Moe – while we walked past those houses along the east side of the park, my wife and I talked about how great it would be to own one of those houses with the gate along the back fence for direct access to the park!

    @Cal – and here I was thinking I’d made it all easy for people to find me on twitter with that little twitter button on the top of the right sidebar! @reubencollins

  5. love the bouncy bridge. also, the evil laugh you probably would have when someone falls into the wetlands would be pretty hilarious too.

  6. I took the kids there Saturday. I didn’t realize just how narrow that boardwalk really is! The stroller didn’t have more than a couple of inches of room on either side of it and with no railings, there wasn’t exactly room for error. What a great park though! And the playground hasn’t changed a bit from when I was a kid. We used to play tag on that playground with one stipulation: you couldn’t touch the sand. There’s enough equipment connected to facilitate that but I’ll bet other parents hated us.

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