Basement Counter Space

Saturday Morning.

Mel: Did you see that cabinet our neighbors are throwing away?
Reuben: No. Is it nice?
Mel: No. And it doesn’t have a top.
Reuben: Oh, sounds great.
Mel: Should we take it?
Reuben: Yea, probably. Where will we put it?
Mel: Basement?

1. Buy stock countertop at big box store.

2. Cut it to size with a table saw.

Melanie says: I’m too cool for this.

3. Regret step #2. Try again with Jigsaw.


4. Resign your life to mediocrity, say “good enough”, and just screw it into place.

A few pocket hole screws & some construction adhesive.

5. Done.


We don’t really know what we’ll do with it, but it was a fun little weekend project.

Do anything fun this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Basement Counter Space”

  1. I think you guys scored! I wish I had something like that in our garage at our new house. How much did the stock counter top cost you guys? This is inspiration for how you can take something free and make it useful and cool.

    P.S. I agree with Shannon. Nice clamps.

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