Canoeing with KP

Guess what? This afternoon, Mel and I went on our first canoe ride since KP was born a year ago. We decided to check out Cedar Lake and Brownie Lake. KP loved going under the bridges and through the culverts.

Canoe Ride

KP liked to hang out up front, which turned out to be the best place for her since the canoe sidewalls are a bit higher there.

No standing in the boat, please.
She smacked her face once and cried.
KP Hamming it up.

How about you? Do anything fun this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Canoeing with KP”

  1. You guys are awesome… I really love when people have a child and don’t let the adventures stop, even if sometimes the adventures slow down a little bit! Evan and I are planning on still being active with our son, taking him on hikes and other adventures. It may not be easy, but it still is going to be awesome.

    P.S. Evan took pics (thank goodness someone did) of the wood floor renovations. I’ll post them when I get a second to breath! We are actually moving in to the house TODAY since my sister is back from Germany. Hopefully, I’ll have some time next week to share how he did it. It has been a LONG process, but they look really good!

  2. she is one lucky kid — you guys do so many fun things and go on awesome adventures. i think you should start a business where people can sign up to go with you and you can charge them a crapload of money.

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