Basement Workbench II

Ok, peeps, here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to around the house lately. A handful of you (ok, nobody…) may remember the handy basement workbench we built in our last house. It turned out to be a pretty sturdy design, so we decided to replicate it (though slightly larger) here in the new place. We were able to crank this baby out during KP’s afternoon nap one Saturday.

Basement Workbench

It turned out a bit taller than we had imagined, but I guess that’s what you get when one of you says “How tall should it be?” and the other one says, “I dunno, about here” and holds a hand out to gesture.

Ok. About there. It’s a standing workbench, and it’s pretty much the exact design we used last time, other than we ended up using particle board for the shelves rather than plywood or OSB like last time. Also, instead of 4×4’s for the legs, we used a couple of sistered 2×4’s.

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