KP’s First Camping Trip

OK, ready for another riveting weekend adventure update? We took KP on her first camping trip ever. We didn’t really know how well it was going to work out, so we chose some pretty cushy accommodations and set our expectations low. We chose the Cannon River Wilderness Area, part of the Rice County Park System.

Cannon River Wilderness Area

We didn’t get there until about 6:30 PM friday night, and spirits were high.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

The camping sites here are walk-in style, but it’s only about 1/8 mile or so. Mel carried all the gear and KP, and I carried the camera so that I could blog about it later.

KP is a bit of a freeloader.

The Cannon River looked pretty good.

Cannon River.
Cannon River.

Unfortunately for us, the two closest campsites were already taken. These are first-come-first-serve, and we were too late. But we’d come this far, so we weren’t about to quit so easily. I took a few more photos of Mel carrying the gear and KP back to the parking lot area, and we just decided to camp near the pavilion in the grassy park area. This is against the rules, but we’re such risk-taking rebels that we did it anyway, Rice County Park Rules be damned. Also, we didn’t know how sleeping with KP in a tent was going to work out and we were half expecting to give up around Midnight and go home anyway.


We didn’t set up the tent until right before we were ready to sleep, just in case one of the dastardly Rice County Park Police came to kick the scrubs out of the park.

Playing in grass.

After eating our tin-foil dinner, we decided to go on a night-hike.

Up waaaaay past bedtime, and loving it.

We were a little worried that KP wouldn’t sleep very well in the tent, but she proved us wrong. She curled herself up into a little ball and slept all night.

Experts be damned, KP sleeps how she wants.

Also, KP got totally eaten alive by mosquitos, and now looks like she has small pox or something. The next morning, we awoke sharply at 5:00 AM, and snoozed, for another hour. We packed up and were home by 8:00 AM sharp.

Good Morning!

Even though our camping trip was a maximum of 14 hours, including travel time and sleeping, it was still a great first-time camping experience with KP.

How about you? Ever gone camping with an infant? How did it go? Any tips you’ve learned along the way you’d like to share?

2 thoughts on “KP’s First Camping Trip”

  1. That’s pretty sweet. I’m not a big camper, but we’ve talked about bringing Dean (2 yrs old) out for a night. Hopefully it will happen this summer.

  2. We first camped with our twins when they were 4 months old. We then went on a 2.5-week road trip and camped with them for at least 3 of those nights when they were 5 months old. It went great. I don’t know how they’d do now that they’re 2. We didn’t camp at all last year and don’t have plans made for this year yet but who knows, it could happen.

    As for tips…uh, we just laid them on a sleeping bag next to our air mattress and they conked out. Infants have a habit of doing that. I was a little worried how they’d do without a crib but they were awesome.

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