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Huzzah! New question in the inbox!

This question comes from Liz Becker, who is almost certainly a robot. However, since I have a long-standing policy of responding to all questions asked on ReubensCube if I feel like it, I think I should respond. Here’s the question:

I really like your blog. Please let me know if you would accept paid guest posts on If so, what are your guidelines?

Now, I don’t expect to hear back from Ms. Becker, since she is a robot. However, I imagine there are a few folks out there wondering how they can get themselves published on ReubensCube. Well, here’s the deal. For a small fee, I will allow you to publish 500-1000 words on ReubensCube.

Potential post titles include:

  • Why would one banana grab another banana?
  • A brownish area, with points
  • It’s never the ones you hope
  • I shall duck behind that little garbage car
  • Get rid of the Seaward

Any more questions?
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2 thoughts on “Paid Guest Posts”

  1. Lizzie is a robot? No wonder I liked her. She’s been after me to allow a post about yoga pants for like 12 weeks. She also wanted me to write something about online degrees in biotechnology.

    No wonder she doesn’t respond to my emails.
    Or send a thank you not for the flowers.
    Or send me a picture of herself.


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