Are Mormons Cheap?

Huzzah! A couple new questions in the inbox! Both are anonymous.

First question:

Can you find the postsecret with a picture of the SLC temple with the words “I am so afraid God is sexist” or something of that nature written across the front and post it? I saw it in a postsecret book confessions on life, death and God a few years ago. One of my favorite LDS postsecrets.

It sounds like a good secret. I don’t have the book, but if someone sends me a scan, I’d love to add it to the collection.

Second question:

What is your theory on why Mormons are so cheap?
-a sometimes cheap mormon

It’s because Mormons deeply believe in avoiding all forms of consumerist society.

eh, wait… no, that might not be it

It’s because they have so many babies.

No, for real, though. Are Mormons any cheaper than everyone else? I dunno. Maybe after they pay 10% of their money to the church as tithing they don’t have as much money left for discretionary spending as other people. Maybe they just look cheap because they never have bar tabs to pay. Or maybe it’s really the babies. Or maybe because a good portion are single-income families. Actually, I think there really is something to the anti-consumerism idea.

What do you think readers? Are Mormons cheap? If so, why?

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5 thoughts on “Are Mormons Cheap?”

  1. Affluent mormons are cheap but in weird ways. Overspend on real estate (at least UT Mormons) and SUVs. Lexus brand is quite popular, I’ve noticed. But then shop at Walmart.

  2. The real estate and SUVs may be a form of “keeping up with the Jonses”, and then they don’t have much money left over.

    I agree with Liz, I’m frugal. But we’re a single income family with three kids. I need to be frugal to avoid debt, and I avoid debt like the plague. Plus I get a rush from couponing and following sales and stuff (I know, I know…). Maybe that’s it–Mormons can’t get high in more worldly ways, so we get our highs from bargain shopping?

  3. My mormon friends are but I am not, perhaps it is because I just converted to the church. I don’t understand why they spend so much on their phones and so little on their clothes or hair. Maybe I’ll become like them with time.

  4. The Mormons I know are very cheap with their own money, but if someone else is paying? Well, they take FULL advantage of that! My BF has a adult Mormon daughter (she does not have children). Anytime he wants to take his daughter out for dinner, on a trip, etc. this adult always as to bring along a female friend….yes, a friend that we have to pick up the tab with her, too. Unreal. Not once in the 10 years that I have been dating this man has this woman every sent a thank you card, flowers, paid for a meal, offered to leave the tip, etc…….just take take take and never a thanks.

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