Joe Bike Box Bike: Phase II

Today was a big day for KP, my 11-month-old daughter. She got to ride facing forward in the box bike for the first time. Previously, she would always ride in her car seat, facing backwards, like this:

KP in Box Bike
KP in Box Bike

But today, check out this big kid:

KP Looks to the Future

No car seat, forward facing. Neat, huh?

Turns out, the view from the handlebars isn’t quite as great. I used to be able to directly see her face. Now, I just see the top of her head.

KP's Wind-blown hair.

But now I get to see her turning her head back and forth, checking out the world. I get to watch her hair dancing in the wind. I get to watch her hang her elbow out over the edge of the box, looking casual.

Yes, there will be much evening cycling this summer.

6 thoughts on “Joe Bike Box Bike: Phase II”

  1. Nice. We got a bike trailer that fits both our kids. They hate getting in but once the ride starts they love it.

  2. That’s really awesome. I didn’t love the bike box for infant KP, but this looks really great, and I bet she’s going to have a blast seeing the trails right in front of her (as opposed to a burly or whatever). Very cool.

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