Minnesota River Valley: Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Part II

This past weekend, Mel and I decided to continue our exploration by foot of the Minnesota River Valley. This time, we found a new part of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (MVNWR) to stomp through, although, still within the Long Meadow Lake Unit Park (same as last time). This time, we started at the MVNWR headquarters building in Bloomington near the Mall of America, where the Fish & Wildlife service has a pretty substantial building, which includes a neat overlook platform.

Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge
Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center
Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge Overlook Platform
Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge Overlook Platform

Here’s a map of our route for the day, a total of just over 4 miles. We had wanted to walk all the way to TH-77 and back, but only made it to the part of the trail we referred to as “the nipple”.

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This trail is pretty cool, and is a nice, easy walk. For the most part, we didn’t see anyone else there the entire time. Most of the people we saw were on Mountain Bikes. Here’s some pics.

Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge - cool trail, huh?
Prairie & Bloomington
Our Chief Navigation Officer was easily distracted by string cheese.
That's the Minnesota River in the Background.

Ok, that’s it. If it would stop raining this weekend, we’d go walk the rest of the trail. Next time, we’ll start at TH-77 and work our way back to “the nipple”.

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