Fuel Efficient Parking Only

Fuel Efficient Parking Only

This exists, apparently. Seems arbitrary.

Which needs to be efficient – the vehicle, or the driver?

This is an unnecessarily large parking space for a bicycle.

7 thoughts on “Fuel Efficient Parking Only”

  1. I think you should park you bike there anyway. 🙂

    What if I have a minivan that gets 40mpg on the highway, and I carpool? Who is to say that I can’t park there? Who decides what constitutes “fuel efficient”? I’d love to know where this parking stall exists. Is it at your work? How do the other employees feel about having to walk farther because they drive a less efficient car?

  2. I’ve seen things like this at co-ops, I think. It is annoying. If you are going to reserve spots beyond the normal handicapped and 5 minute pickup, it should be for things like people with small kids.

  3. Yeah, this is silly. I’m all for fuel-efficient vehicles, but people drive what they do for a variety of reasons (cost being a major one).

  4. I have a good friend who parks his 10 cylinder Mercedes a spot marked “hybrids” just to make his point. He gest a nasty note from the city every day reminding him of his misdeed, but since there’s actually no ordinance, there’s no real ticket.
    Machiavellian to be sure but I like his point.

  5. Spots like these (even Stork parking), kind of grind my gears in general. However, since the business can pretty much do whatever they want with their parking lot, I limit myself to ineffectual grumbling.

  6. You should totally park your bike in one of those spots. I kind of have to laugh when I see things like that. My husband drives a ’98 Chevy Metro he got for free. He gets 56 mpg on the sucker. No, it’s not a hybrid, but gets excellent gas mileage and requires less maintenance than a hybrid does. Also, the batteries on hybrids are SUPER expensive and have to be shipped here and there and everywhere before they make it into the car… using what type of fuel? That’s right, gas. Kind of ironic.

    I agree with Kassie!

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