It’s a wheel chair obstacle course out here. Good luck.

Maybe this is “traffic calming” for pedestrians.

6 thoughts on “Encroachment”

  1. Is it just me, or does the concrete around the lamppost look relatively new? Usually I love the old fashioned street lights that are up in some neighborhoods, but this one just looks like they moved it so that people could eat their burgers and yogurt on a patio.

  2. @Katie – Oh, yes, it’s relatively new. The street light is poorly placed, but that’s at least pretty typical light placement. What really baffles me about this photo is the sign base encroaching into the sidewalk. The two combine to create quite a gauntlet.

  3. I figured that whoever was making the sign base was having too much fun playing Jenga with the rocks to notice he’d blocked 1/3 of the sidewalk. I wonder how close his heinie was to the street before he figured it out?

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