Quadratic Trolling

Huzzah! New questions in the inbox! These three questions were all asked by someone named Lucy, who is probably about 14 years old and is mostly just trolling me. But because I have a policy of responding to all questions I receive if I feel like it, I will not disappoint Lucy by failing to respond to her “questions”.

A little context: imagine you’re a  14 year old girl, and you’re sitting around with a few of your bfff’s in your room surrounded by bieber posters. You are supposed to be doing math homework (you’re learning about quadratic equations), and you decide to take a break to check your Facebook status or retweet something Joe Jonas tweeted. After that you take a break to make fun of your mother, who has opened a tumblr but she’s doing it wrong because all she does is re-blog pictures of some old guy named Joey Lawrence and you have no idea who that is. You ask your mom, and all she says is “whoa” and starts laughing.

Then you google “old man” which is how you wind up on  ReubensCube. You share a few laughs and say things like “blogging, who does that anymore? What is this, 2007?” So then you decide to make fun of some old guy’s blog, not realizing that it’s pretty much the only thing he’s got going for him, other than his 1989 Score Barry Sanders Rookie Card. But even that’s not working out that great for him because he paid nearly $50 for it back in 1991, but then the trading card industry became flooded with garbage and the internet dropped the bottom out of the entire trading card market since it was no longer difficult at all to find any card you wanted, and so now it’s only worth $36 and that doesn’t even account for inflation.

Go ahead, little girls, laugh it up.

Lucy says:

what f(x)=ax to the second power +bx+c equals to

Wut? You are going to fail math, little girl.

do you know how to eat tacos ???

Is this a joke? There are exactly two things in this world that I care about.

Internet & Tacos

what is the bast instrument of string orchestra ?(it’s ether cello,bass,or viola i don’t like violins at all because my sister plays it . =)

It is the timpani, sorry little girl. If it does not have timpani, then it doesn’t count.

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  1. I agree! I love the snarky comments myself. Now I’m going to spend all day at work thinking up weird questions to submit anonymously. 😉

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